Earn additional revenue with ePlay’s Sub Club
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Earn additional revenue with ePlay’s Sub Club


There are subscriptions for everything from razor blades to pet food because they help offer the consumer precisely what they want when they want it.  They are a big hit with consumers and span from industry to industry. Monthly and yearly subscriptions help to provide you with a recurring revenue stream and will help to increase your customer loyalty and engagement.

One thing that is important to note when setting up your ePlay Sub Club is that you’re in total control. We’ve made setting up, managing, and maintaining your ePlay Sub Club easy, exciting, and empowering for all ePlay Streamers and Content Creators.

This quick 2-minute read will break down how the ePlay Sub Club benefits both you and your fans!

What is a Sub Club?

The ePlay Sub Club is your very own membership site! You can offer exclusive content that is viewable only by those part of your Sub Club.  

How does the Sub Club benefit me?

Your ePlay Sub Club is a place where you’ll be able to earn additional monthly revenue when you’re not live streaming and collecting tips! The Sub Club is an easy-to-use feature on ePlay that will allow you to make “sleep money” … yep, that’s right, MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP!

How much can I earn?

No matter the earning plan you picked, everyone receives 80% rev-share.
*Refunds and chargebacks for Sub Club subscriptions are deducted from your Earnings.

Example: If your membership price is $10 per month, you earn $8 per month, and with 1,000 Subscribers, you’ll earn $8,000 per month!

How does the Sub Club benefit my fans?

When your fans join the Sub Club, they support your channel while unlocking super epic features and ALL of your exclusive Sub Club content, including posts, clips, movies, GIFs, photos, and more!

Your new monthly ePlay Sub Club member will also receive

  • Your undelayed High Definition live stream
  • Access to your source stream in Ultra High Definition
  • A new Sub Club badge in chat
  • Exclusive emotes (coming soon)
  • Sub Club Only content

Yearly Sub Club members receive everything listed above, plus a few more additional perks

  • VIP Badge
  • Listed on your channel
  • Two months free

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