11 Apps Every Creator Should Have On Their Phone In 2022
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11 Apps Every Creator Should Have On Their Phone In 2022


At ePlay, we know that sex work is WORK! Luckily there are a ton of easy-to-use tools at your disposal that will help your creative process and organizational skills level up. The great news is that as we move into 2022, smartphones are now like an all-in-one production studio, empowering us all to make world-class content using a range of exciting and often simple-to-use apps.

Take a quick glance at the list of tools and apps we’ve compiled that can spice up your content, seriously ease the burden of hectic schedules, and get you on the path to success!

Social Media Graphics & Assets


Canva is a top choice for many content creators who need an easy-to-use graphic design platform. It’s perfect for creating social media assets and other visual content. The Canva marketplace gives you access to shapes, illustrations, backgrounds, fonts, stock photos and so much more. Available for free, or for the upgraded Canva Pro version at $12.99/month.

Social Media Scheduler


Later is a powerful marketing tool that helps social media creators and small businesses run their social media accounts. Later provides you with access to marketing strategies, social media scheduling, and custom Linkin.bio options for driving traffic to where you want them to go, and logging your social media analytics.

A Color Story

A Color Story is a multifaceted tool for photo editing, visually planning your Instagram grid, and scheduling your posts. The app focuses on bold colors and on-trend photo editing styles, providing over 400 carefully crafted filters, 120 moveable effects, and 20 FREE tools including hue, saturation, lightness, and curves. The app’s basic features can be used for free, or unlock all the app has to offer with a paid ASC+ subscription of $4.99/month.

Photo editor


Snapseed is truly a hidden gem. This photo editing app was developed by Google, and it allows for a robust selection of photo editing tools that other apps don’t offer, all for free! Choose from a huge range of editing options, such as portrait enhancement, lens blur, image healing, double exposure, color and sharpening adjustments, and so much more. This one is a staple if you love getting creative with your photos. Plus, it’s free.


VSCO offers creative photo and video editing tools, while also allowing you to capture photos directly in the app. Since its release in 2011 VSCO is one of the more widely known photo editing apps, offering a vast array of photo filters and editing tools. If you want to get really creative, you can upgrade to a VSCO membership for $7.99/month which will unlock 200+ bonus presets and a ton of special editing tools not available on the free version.

Video editor


LumaFusion is an iOS app that's commonly used by journalists, filmmakers, and video producers to capture and edit video on the fly. Produced by the creators of Pinnacle Studio, this app for iPhone and iPad gives you six video/audio tracks for photos, videos, titles and graphics, along with an extra six audio tracks for narration, music and sound effects.

Task Manager


24me is considered a smart assistant and helps you boost productivity by placing all your scheduled items in one space. You have the ability to add photos and audio to your entries, and the app includes features such as a calendar, to-do list, and notes, all stored in one easy place.


Asana’s web and mobile apps help you stay on track by keeping your projects and tasks organized so you can meet your deadlines. The app allows you to see the progress of your projects, set reminders, and ultimately take the pressure off-balancing multiple tasks.



Reddit is a great way to network and find virtual communities focusing on common interests, hobbies, and passions. Registered members are able to submit content to the site, including links, text posts, images, and videos which are in turn voted up or down by other members.



Breeze is a daily tracker for your mood and activities, allowing you to get in touch with yourself and improve your mental well-being. Offering features like a personality test to get in touch with your inner self, and a negative thoughts tracker to break patterns of self-criticism, Breeze gives you the tools you need in order to focus on self-care.

Yoga for Beginners

Streaming and content creation can sometimes leave you feeling stiff. As the number one free workout app for yoga, Yoga for Beginners can provide you with the basic skills necessary for practicing yoga workouts periodically throughout your day. Taking care of yourself is paramount, and the mental and physical benefits of yoga are unbounded.

This list of apps is not sponsored.