Introducing Cam2Cam 💖
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Introducing Cam2Cam 💖


Happy October to all our Creators!

You asked; we delivered. 💌

Our team is thrilled to announce that Cam2Cam is now available on ePlay. This feature offers the highest level of engagement for both fans and streamers.

Its' immersive technology marks a significant milestone in ePlay's journey, and is only paving the way for many more exciting features that will help maximize your earning potential (coming soon!). 🤩

With Cam2Cam, every member of your audience can turn on their own webcam, offering them the possibility of a face-to-face connection with you.

Once you click on the cam icon, your audience will be notified, prompting them to activate their own Cam.

Why Cam2Cam?

With Cam2Cam, the focus is on building deeper connections.

It allows fans to interact more intimately with their favorite ePlay creators, infusing the current chatroom experience with opportunities for personal moments, without taking away from the public livestream experience.

The Spotlight remains on you ✨

You're still in control -  you'll be able to easily navigate through your fans' cams via your chatrooms' leaderboard. Simply click on the camera icon next to their names!

You can use Cam2Cam Now ⚡️  

Ready to take your ePlay Livestreams to the next level?

Start streaming on ePlay and look for the Cam2Cam icon on your Dashboard Settings to get started. You can also check out out our Cam2Cam FAQ  for more info.

We value your feedback 💌

We’d love to hear from you! Visit our GitHub discussion board to share your thoughts (or report bugs) on Cam2Cam with the ePlay team.