ePlay Product Updates: February 1st, 2024
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ePlay Product Updates: February 1st, 2024


🌟 New month, new features! 🌟

Happy February to all our Creators 🩵

The ePlay team is buzzing with excitement for this month, as we have a lot of really exciting & highly requested features coming to the site.

Stay tuned for our other announcements in February for one of our biggest feature releases yet!

But for now, let’s get into what’s new & available on ePlay today:

1. Customize Your Livestream Preview Picture 🤳

Now, Creators can enhance their first impression by taking the perfect photo to use as their thumbnail for their stream preview.

You can capture your own Preview Picture for your live stream on your Streaming Dashboard!

2. Real-Time Insights with Stream Stats 📊

Streamer Dashboard Video Stats

We want your streaming experience to be as smooth as possible, so we’ve added some stats to help our Creators get all the info about their stream’s video quality,   right from the dashboard.

Click on the stats icon in your Streaming Dashboard to see real-time data for:

  • Video Resolution: Ensure your stream is crystal clear.
  • Current Bitrate: Optimize your streaming quality for the best viewer experience.
  • Frames Per Second: Fine-tune your stream for smooth and immersive content.

3. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements 🧼

Automatic Session Renewal 🔄

  • No more reloading needed! We fixed the user session issue so that users and streamers don't have to refresh as often.

Cam2Cam 🫂

  • Enjoy navigating through your fans’ cams with the fix for the zoomed picture issue during cam-to-cam sessions.

Emote Menu Autoscroll 📜

  • The emote menu will no longer interfere with chat autoscroll, providing a smoother chatting experience.

Chat Room Improvements 😼

  • Some visual polishes to provide a nicer user experience
  • Enhanced chat notifications to ensure you never miss an interaction from your Fans.

Thank you for being a part of the ePlay community. 💗 We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback as we work on creating the best streaming platform for you.

These updates are just the beginning of what's to come, so stay tuned!

-ePlay Product Team