Clip Recording is Now Available on ePlay 🎥
Previewing clip recording on ePlay
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Clip Recording is Now Available on ePlay 🎥


Introducing Clip Recording — ePlay’s newest feature — built to empower your fans to purchase highlights from your live streams.

This eagerly awaited feature is a game-changer, promising to enhance the experience for both you and your audience.

By enabling fans to relive and share their favorite moments, Clip Recording not only keeps them coming back for more but also boosts your earnings. 💸

⚙️ How to Set Up Clip Recording

Simply head to your Live Stream Settings > Games > Clip Recording, and make sure the toggle is switched on. It's that simple!

🪙 Setting Prices

Once “on”, you can configure your rate, or price per minute. This reflects how much your fans will be paying for each clip.

Looping in your Fans

Once enabled, the Clip Recording icon will be visible in the chatroom. An auto-chat notification inviting them to participate will also be sent out.

💡 Quick Reminders

- You will earn 80% from each Clip Recording transaction 💰

- You can go back and make edits to the set price at any time ✏️

🧐 Explore Our FAQ

Have additional questions?

Visit our Help Center & check out our Clip Recording FAQ  for a more in-depth guide on how Clip Recording works on the Fan side, how ePlay is keeping you and your content safe, and more.

💌 We value your feedback

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Visit our GitHub Discussions forum to report bugs, share your thoughts, or request new features.