Introducing Private 1:1s on ePlay
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Introducing Private 1:1s on ePlay

Private 1:1 Session with Quincy

💌 About Private 1:1s

Ready to take your ePlay Creator experience to the next level? With Private 1:1s, you get an array of benefits for you and your fans:

  • Personalized Fan Experience: Dive into intimate & unique interactions not available elsewhere on the platform.
  • Easy Payment Integration: Fans can easily pay per minute, ensuring a steady new income stream for you.
  • Enhanced Fan Loyalty: By offering your time and attention through Private 1:1s, you're bound to build stronger, more meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Easy-to-access Moderation Tools: Your safety is our top priority. With real-time moderation tools and the ability to end sessions at any time, you're in complete control.
  • Feedback: Both Streamers and Fans can submit post-session feedback to help us refine and enhance your experience.
  • Technical Support: Our team offers round-the-clock support & will be available to ensure your sessions go smoothly.

Here's a quick how-to guide to help you get started:

⚙️ Setting up your Private 1:1s

  1. Once you’re LIVE, head over to your Stream Settings > Games > Private 1:1 tab.
  2. Next, set the price-per-minute, or the token rate your fans will be charged during an active session.

💡 To maximize your earning potential, make sure Clip Recording for Private 1:1s is also enabled! 💰

🔔 Notifying Your Audience

Once you’ve enabled Private 1:1s, you can let everyone in the chatroom know that you’re available for Private Sessions.

This will encourage your fans to start sending you requests from the Private 1:1 chat tab.

🤔 Managing Private 1:1 Requests

Request from a Fan

Requests will display the sender's username, time purchased and estimated earnings for that session.

💡 Total earnings can amount to more or less than the amount displayed, depending on the total duration of the session.

Requests can be Approved, Denied, or scheduled for Later.

Breakdown of request management options

💡 For detailed guidance on managing and reviewing requests, please refer to our PRIVATE 1:1's FAQ.

🫂 During an Active Session:

  • You and your Fan will be taken to a private "room".
  • You'll have quick-tools to end or extend the 1:1 session.
  • Your fan has the ability to also turn his cam "on" for a more personal experience.
Virtual waiting room

Everyone else in the public chat room will be placed in a "Virtual waiting room", where Fans can see an estimated time until you return & send Private 1:1 Requests.

✅ Session Completed

After completing a 1:1 session, you'll receive a brief summary including session duration and estimated earnings. 

💌 We value your feedback

Want to share your thoughts on Private 1:1s?

You can also visit our GitHub Discussions forum, Discord, and our Help Desk to report bugs or request new features.

-The ePlay Team 🚀