ePlay Creator of the Month, Gina Lee Shares What Makes Her a Dreamer
ePlay Creator of the Month

ePlay Creator of the Month, Gina Lee Shares What Makes Her a Dreamer

Maegan E.
Maegan E.

Gina Lee is a Colombian heartthrob and passionate ePlay creator who has been curating an online community of fans for herself and working hard to achieve her goals for many years. We sat down with Gina to find out what her dreams and aspirations are. Dip your toes into this quick 4-minute read to find out more about ePlay’s October Creator of the Month, Gina Lee!

Tell us what led you to stream with ePlay.

ePlay gave me the opportunity for amazing growth. I like that they are very aware of what creators like myself need, because they take the time to listen. The site has very good users that are fun to chat with during my live streams, plus the support they provide to creators is wonderful.

What are you actively working on?

I’m always learning new ways to be seductive. But on a serious note, I have a passion for learning new languages and for building content that my fans will love…

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

I’m a big fan of Rock and Hip Hop music. Most of the time during my life streams, I’ll have some type of upbeat and fun music so that my fans and I can relax and enjoy our time together.

What artists are you inspired by right now?

I get my seductive inspiration from Doja Cat and Megan the Stallion. They transmit a lot of sensuality that helps me to settle into my more playful and fun side.

What products are you loving?

I can’t live without makeup, lingerie, and my spicy fun toys

What are some of your most favorite apps?

Lovense, ePlay, Instagram, and Twitter

What is something big you’ve been working on this year?

I am working to save up  so that I’m able to own my first house. My greatest dream in life is to give my family a home so we do not have to worry anymore. Streaming is also one of my dreams, and outside of streaming I am also attending to my studies in administration and occupational health.

Do you have any career goals that you've set for this year in terms of your success at ePlay?

Yes, I’d like to take my page to a more interactive level with fans, implement the theme of games, and create a virtual reality experience.  

Who’s someone you've looked up to in the industry, and what about them do you find inspirational?

Littleredbunny, for his sensuality and naturalness in his content.

Who's someone you'd love to collaborate with, and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Lara Loxley because I love her streams.

What do you think inspired you to become a creator?

I was inspired to become a creator because it brought a sense of security and empowerment to me personally. It was a way for me to also develop my female attributes and creativity.

What is something that really excites you?

I get excited to learn about new cultures and I love to explore new languages. But what really excites me is being able to share and create new experiences and sexual fantasies for my fans!

Do you like to geek out on any shows or hobbies?

I’m always down for a Harry Potter marathon and I’ll never turn down watching Police shows.

Do you think these shows influence your streams?

Yes. I have not implemented anything Harry Potter related into my shows, but watch movies and shows like these help provide me great topics for socializing with my fans.

Tell us one thing that most people don't know about you.

I don’t really consider myself the mischievous girl, I am more of a homebody!

Do you have any self care tips you’d like to share with us?

My top 3: Sleep well, use sunscreen, and eat well!

What’s something you’d like to share with your ePlay fans?

I love all the fans that watch my live streams on ePlay and consume the content I share! In the future, I plan on working on some serious collaborations with other creators to give a more complete experience to my fans! I can’t wait to show you what I come up with next.

Where can fans find you on social media? My online visual locations (social media and website URLs) :

You can find me on social media! I like to create a community for my fans on both Instagram and Twitter.