4 Ways To Collect Your Payments on ePlay
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4 Ways To Collect Your Payments on ePlay


We’ve got some good news for you, we have (4) different ways for you to collect your ePlay payments; easily and effectively. Not only is setting up your payments easy to do, we'd also like to empower you to select the best option that works for you personally.

💡About ePlay Payments

You have the choice to choose between paper check, wire transfer, ePayServices, or Paxum. We have temporarily paused crypto as a form of payment due to some technical issues from the supporting banks’ software. We will announce when it’s back up and running and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

💵 Your Payment Options

  • Wire (You have to earn a minimum of $500!)
  • Check (We don't advise this if you live outside of North America and we may ask you to choose a different payment method before accepting your application.)
  • Paxum (Sign up at Paxum.com)
  • Epay Services (Sign up at EpayServices.com)

💻 How To Set Up Your Payments

The easiest way to set up payments is to do it during the setup process! Beyond that, you can always adjust your payment method through your my.ePlay.com profile under Payments > Payment Settings.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can navigate over to the Payment Settings next time you log in.

🤓 Important Payment Information

  1. We pay on the 1st and 15th of every month with a 2 weeks delay (ie: on April 15th, we're paying earnings made before March 31st and so on)
  2. The minimum payment is $50 (except for wire transfers, the minimum is $500)
  3. Payments are FREE, we do not deduct any fee.
  4. If you ever have any questions about your payout or payout method, please reach out to the ePlay Streamer Support Team who’s available to assist you 24/7.

Learn more about the multiple payment methods ePlay gives you access to.

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