6 Easy Steps to Getting Started on ePlay
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6 Easy Steps to Getting Started on ePlay


If you are a streamer and content creator, ePlay is the perfect place for you to engage with your current fans while quickly expanding your fanbase with ease. ePlay's features create a seamless experience, allowing you to enhance your engagement with fans while monetizing your time, interactions, and content

On ePlay, you’ll earn 80% of the revenue spent on your ePlay Channel while also collecting 10% off referrals. That means if a fan joins ePlay because you referred them, you’ll earn 10% of the revenue they spend on the platform too!

1. Creating Your ePlay Account

It’s easy to set up an ePlay Channel. You’ll need to make sure you have the proper identification so that we can verify your age. ePlay is an 18+ community for all users.

There’s no contract for you or your fans. Even if you don’t have a substantial fanbase or significant engagement on social media, create an ePlay Channel! We help bring the fans to you, plus we are here to help guide you on how to market your new ePlay Channel.

Launching an ePlay Channel gives you the freedom to monetize your live streams and content. Plus, it’s the perfect place to interact with your fans more personally while getting paid the highest revenue in the industry.

Now you can create more of what your fans love, and in return, they can pay for the content they love! Your ePlay Channel comes ready to go, with special monetization features built right into the platform, including paid posts, paid private messages, live streaming, and tips!

If you don't have one already, be sure to start by creating an ePlay Channel. ⬇️

2. Monetizing Your Content On ePlay

We have a new and easy way for you to monetize your content directly from your ePlay Channel and feed. All you have to do is create a New Post, upload your video or photos, and hit share! You can even schedule out your posts for specific days of the week, remember consistency is key!

We know that live streaming 24/7 isn’t something most streamers and content creators plan to do. With that said, we never want you to miss out on an opportunity to connect with your fans and capitalize on your content. That’s why we created a few features that allow you to monetize your content, even while you’re not streaming. We like to call it “making money while you sleep”!

Are you ready to make sleep money?

3. Turn On Your ePlay Channel Sub Club

Thanks to incredible streamers who have helped build our ePlay Community, we have just announced and released the option for you to create a monthly ePlay Sub Club. The freedom is yours! It’s your choice whether you’d like to keep all your posts and content free or if you’d like to turn on your ePlay Sub Club feature. You also have the freedom to choose how much you’d like to charge your fans monthly for your ePlay Sub Club.

The more fans you have, the more you can earn! Posting content regularly for your SubClub fans will help show that your SubClub is a valuable and worthwhile purchase!  

4. Promoting Your ePlay Channel

There isn’t a golden rule on how or where to promote your new ePlay Channels since there are undoubtedly many ways to do so. It’s all about getting creative when you want your brand to stand out.

One of the easiest ways to promote your ePlay Channel is within the profile/bio section of your Social Media accounts. You can use companies like AllMyLinks to share your ePlay Channel.

Other ways to promote your new ePlay Channels are on your website, writing blog articles for your website, guest writing for other publishers, monthly newsletters, and creating and submitting press releases. We also highly recommend using sex work-friendly platforms such as Medium and Reddit to help promote your ePlay Channel.

If you want to attract more fans, stay consistent when sharing your live streams and newest content with them on your social media and ePlay Channel feed.

We also love to feature and highlight streamers and content creators from the ePlay Community. When posting on social media, be sure to tag us!

5. Consistency Is Key

We know that content creation can take up a lot of time, requires hard work and commitment. To keep your fans coming back for more, it’s essential that you plan and schedule content ahead of time. If you know that you’re going to be streaming three days a week, use two of those days to create teasers, social media-friendly clips, and photos to help promote your live streams.

ProTip: Fans love to see behind-the-scenes selfies, outtakes, and highlights from your previous live streams. It helps them build a connection with you.

6. Retaining Your ePlay Channel Fans

ePlay fans want to view your live streams and content, and they want to connect with you on a deeper level. Be sure to keep showing up, posting new content, and ultimately having fun!  New content is priceless for your fans. Make it a point to deliver regularly, and you’ll be able to grow and retain your fans.

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Now that you’ve got the knowledge on getting started on ePlay, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for ePlay; it’s easy, exciting, and empowering!