ePlay Academy: How to Easily Use ePlay Features to Build Better Connections with Your Fans
ePlay Academy

ePlay Academy: How to Easily Use ePlay Features to Build Better Connections with Your Fans


Time to dive in and LevelUp with ePlay as we share ways you can leverage ePlay’s newest features to get the most out of your ePlay Channel while connecting  and engaging more with your fans.

Utilizing the Chat Room, Private Messaging, and VIP ticket shows can give fans an array of options to interact and play with you. Read the full article below, to hear how our ePlay KeyClub members use these features to stay on top of their game.

👩🏻‍🏫 Connect Privately When Your Fans Tip You!

Did you know that your fans can actually interact personally and privately with you by leaving you a tip note when they are tipping you within the live chat room.

ePlay Pro Tip: Privately connect with your fans in a fun way, live during your show! How to do it? Start by saying “Did you know when you tip me, you can add a private message that only I can see! Try it out, I can’t wait to see what you share with me.”

Fan Tip Notes are a great way for your fans to send a note to you, while keeping the live stream goals hitting! - MyPerfectHarem

💌 Private Messages

Using ePlay’s newest feature, Private Messages allows you to easily and quickly connect with your fans, even when you’re not live streaming. With Private Messages needing to be purchased by fans, that means as a Streamer & Content Creator your earn revenue simply by connecting with your fans using Private Messages.

ePlay Pro Tip: Your fans won’t know about Private Messages unless you share this feature with me. How to do it? During your live stream and even on your social posts. All you have to do is tell your fans that they can personally connect with you and even request custom content using the Private Messaging feature within your ePlay Channel.

I love using the private messaging feature on ePlay! It’s awesome to be able to send pics and clips back and forth with fans and really get to know them in a new, sexy, and private way. - Brielle Day
Private Messages are another way to send personal messages and have personal connections with us (the streamer) which can continue even when we're not streaming. - MyPerfectHarem

Click HERE to learn how to monetize your Private Messages.

🧑‍💻 Connect your Lovense

There are many reasons why streamers & content creators on ePlay use Lovense toys during their live streams. Some want to give their fans full control over how the show will go on while others want to be able to encourage their fans to play games while tipping to make their toys vibrate for them. No one reason is better than the other, but both definitely allow you the creator to monetize your live stream while connecting and enjoying fan interaction.

Click HERE to easily and quickly set up your Lovense toy to your ePlay Channel!

I really enjoy that interactive play between my fan and my Lovense Lush! They can buzz me while I game, it’s the best distraction ever! - Alana Evans