How to avoid social media from censoring the content you see and share.
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How to avoid social media from censoring the content you see and share.


This quick 2-minute read will help you protect not only the content you’re sharing on Instagram but also the content you’re able to actually see yourself.

Not that any of us are totally shocked by Instagram’s latest announcement, that they have launched a new feature called “Sensitive Content Control” and set "Limit" as a default for all users, but nevertheless we all have to pivot around it.

We take pride in celebrating not censoring streamers and content creators on ePlay. Due to the strict parameters and community guidelines set forth on other social media sharing platforms, to which we have zero control over, we now share SFW (safe for work) content on all of our marketing channels to include Instagram and Twitter.

Since the new Instagram feature was set to default and regulated option prevents Instagram's "Explore" feature from showing posts that the company’s algorithms and “human moderators” deem as “sexually suggestive or violent", we wanted to help guide both streamers and content creators as well as ePlay fans through the change.  

Three “Sensitive Content Control” Options

The three options that you can now select from are:
1. “Allowed” (less censored)
2. “Limit” (censored)
3. “Limit Even More” (even more censored).

However, much to most everyone’s surprise in order to select "Allowed," Instagram is now forcing users to navigate through several steps to disable the default filter setting.

How do I change the “Sensitive Content Control” within my account?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can personally change the “Sensitive Content Control” within your Instagram account.

Why would you want to change the default settings Instagram has preselected for you?

Because most likely, according to Instagram and their human moderators, most of the content ePlay Streamers and Content Creators share on Instagram is considered “sensitive content”.

While we highly encourage all streamers and content creators to share SFW content on platforms such as Instagram (because of Instagram’s ever so changing community guidelines), we know that even when SFW content is shared - it’s often censored and not celebrated!

A statement from Instagram — a Facebook company — introducing the feature claimed the company believes “people should be able to shape Instagram into the experience that they want,” which seems extremely contradictory given the “Limit” content option was included as default for all users without much warning. According to the company’s statement, "Sensitive Content Control" allows the user to decide how much "sensitive content" shows up in "Explore."

The company reasserted its controversial corporate censorship policies — which continues to include a ban on “the female nipple,” which is unfairly and frequently not applied to celebrities. Instagram claims that even people breastfeeding are banned from showing their nipples, but that it’s meant “to keep people safe.”

The company suggests that the guidelines were designed to help ensure that you aren’t shown sensitive content from accounts you don’t follow. You can think of sensitive content as posts that don’t necessarily break the rules, but could “potentially be upsetting to some people, such as posts that may be sexually suggestive or violent.”

The new “Sensitive Content Control” feature continues to further solidify their stance that “sexually suggestive” material is in the same category as “harmful” and “violent” content.

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Remember, your content should be celebrated not censored. Be sure to protect yourself, your content, and those streamers and content creators you support and enjoy!