Easily Share Your ePlay Posts Anywhere!
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Easily Share Your ePlay Posts Anywhere!


Here at ePlay, we are all about making your life easier. That's why we've created an easy way for you to share your ePlay posts anywhere you'd like.

Why share your ePlay post?

You’ve put the work into making your ePlay Channel personalized to fit you and your brand, which is simply fantastic.  

One problem: just because you publish a post, doesn’t mean anyone will know about it or read it outside of the ePlay Community.

You need to make sure you share your hard work with people who want to read and see your post and share it with those who might be interested in discovering more about you and what your ePlay Channel has to offer!

Where To Share Your Posts.

We recommend you share your ePlay posts on social media (SFW), your website, press releases, and forums. Since there are many popular places you can do this; Twitter, Instagram, and FetLife your options aren't limited. We are sure you already have your favorites.

ProTips On Sharing Your Posts On Twitter

Once upon a time, you could create a tweet by simply copying and pasting the link to your post. This is still the go-to approach for some, but is it the best strategy to make your tweet stand out?

PROTIP: Share the link to the actual ePlay post. Not just your ePlay Channel.

For example:
https://www.eplay.com/QUINCY is this link or URL to Quincy's ePlay Channel.

https://www.eplay.com/QUINCY/post/409792566314512387/ouch  is the link direct link to Quincy's ePlay post.

If you send fans to your ePlay Channel and not to a specific post, they won’t know what they’re supposed to be reading/viewing. They could miss important new content that you're wanting to share. This means they’ll have to click around to find the actual post you wanted them to read... or they will leave!

The best way to get the link to your specific ePlay post correctly is shown below.

  • Log into your ePlay my.eplay.com account
  • Click on content > New Post
  • From there go to the post you want the URL for and click on the ...
  • Scroll down and click on "Copy Link"

PROTIP: Build Interest Without Giving Away The Entire Pie For Free on Twitter!

Many fans like to consume content on the social media platform itself, without clicking away down a rabbit hole of content. However since most of those social media platforms aren't sex worker-friendly, and you're forced to share only SFW content or risk your account being deleted ... it's important get them off of Twitter and into your ePlay Channel where they can consume all of your content, both FREE and Monetized!  

Remember, the goal here is to entice them to actually get off Twitter and go to your ePlay Channel.

To do this, try to build out content that is interesting and will intrigue; give your followers a reason to click and view your ePlay post.

This obviously doesn’t mean clickbait; you don’t want to over promise and under deliver. But it certainly means you can use SFW images to get them to your ePlay Channel where they can discover more of your content and watch your live streams.