Introducing: ePlay's New Chat Room ✨
Features & Updates

Introducing: ePlay's New Chat Room ✨


We're excited to announce ePlay's new and improved Livestream Chat Room - designed to make streams more interactive for all!

Sneak peek into the new UI for ePlay's chat room
Out with the old, in with the new
ePlay's old chat room on the left, and the new interface on the right
More ways to easily monetize

Our new Games Menu was designed with our Creators in mind.

The “Play” button will serve as a toolkit for your fans to connect & interact with you, all while boosting your earnings!

A Spotlight for your fans

Having leaderboards that update in real time will help boost your livestream’s engagement.

💡 Send a shout out to the Top Players to incentivize the rest of your audience to play / tip more

sneak peek of new leaderboard
Seamless Tipping

With our new tipping interface, your fans will be able to easily tip you in an array of ways.

From quick tips and pre-selected tips, to speed tipping; we’ve ensured to maximize your chances at earning more tokens via tips. 💰

Speed Tipping
With Speed Tipping, ePlay gives your fans a way to "make it rain" tokens in the chat room

Want to share your thoughts on these changes?  We’d love to hear from you! 💌

Visit our New Chatroom Discussion Board to report bugs, share your thoughts, or request new features you’d like us to add to the chatroom.

That's all for now - stay tuned for more new fun features coming soon!

-Paulina (ePlay Product Manager) 🪄