ePlay Release Highlights: Creators Edition ✨
Features & Updates

ePlay Release Highlights: Creators Edition ✨


📈 1. TIP Limit Increased

Our new tip limit is now 100,000 tokens instead of 10,000 tokens - boosting your chances to earn more per stream!

🪄 2. Goal Game Improvements

The Goal Games' numerical value is now refreshed in real-time - no more delay in showing the tips toward the goal amount!

🆕  3. “Create a new Post”  Improvements

We’ve upgraded the content upload interface for Channel Posts.

🔍 You can find where to post on the menu behind your avatar > “Post Content”

... or on your Channel > Post Something Exciting > Add Media

Pro tip 💡

Upload some content + add a paywall on your post to earn more tokens outside your live streams!

Short and sweet this week!

Any questions, please reach out – Our team is always happy to help. 💗

-Paulina (ePlay Product Manager) 🪄