The electrifying play of nature’s art:

| Pure Beauty | Incredible dark and shiny sunset rays filling up the sky while an innocent child plays in the water having fun and no idea how beauty surrounds him. But he is one with nature itself, giving no meaning or labels to its background. No beauty or ugliness, no judgements or opinions, no good or bad, no yesterday or tomorrow, now that is the beauty and pureness of a child!

| Life’s Death | How electrifying and ironic nature is. Beautiful green Life surrounds the Dead grey Tree. Nature has no remorse for death, and just goes on and lets nothing stand in its way, recycling, renewing constantly, leaving nothing to waste! Life and Death go hand in hand, one is not without the other, such harmony.

| Nature’s Society | What beauty of nature, a vast ocean of awe, while in the distance we plant artificial flowers spinning and winding energy around and around to fuel our selfish and endless desires.

| Enlightening Tree | Amazing rainbow rays surrounding this tree full of energy and light, which in turn fuels its growth! Was very lucky to capture this shot, believe it or not the “Free Tree” from the picture below is this same tree, but from another angle, another point of view, such is life it has different meanings and views to everyone else, but in the end it’s about the same tree.

| Free Tree | What crazy angles nature takes, nature has no plans or direct roots to take, it just grows wherever it sees fit in every moment by moment, going with the flow. What freedom!

| DarkLight Water | The fine balance between darkness and light which cannot exist without each other. All submersed and reflected by the elements revealing itself in different forms, which are actually the same thing, only called upon us by conventional language to differentiate, but in ultimate reality they are just one and the same. The Ocean and Clouds are really just different recycling states of the one element we call Water.

| Lonely Beauty | Check out the man on the left end corner. This person seemed to walk with its head down low, portraying loneliness in a vast ocean of beauty. The beauty of nature has nothing to do with one’s happiness, so much beauty outside, but so much suffering inside. This is the electrifying play of nature where we play a role in and are deeply a part of. We are nature. We are one. Nature has no remorse for our feelings as we attach to its beauty. But who really knows, maybe he was just happily looking at his feet or was it even a man or was it just coincidentally a funny looking tree? Such is the imagination, it’s everywhere, it surrounds us, inside and out. True happiness and beauty is to be found inside our hearts, even if our surroundings are in chaos. And true beauty could be outside, but by the suffering inside we become blinded, and thus only see our thoughts.  Let go of these thoughts and feelings, and see the true beauty inside and out, with peace of mind wherever we go, alone or not, and we will be in awe and amazement at whatever is going on.

| Heavenly Fear | A goat standing on the edge of a steep cliff, in front of a peaceful cloud, looking down at me, what amazement, but there is a twist, this heavenly scene was not what it seems. This motherly goat was actually calling out to its tiny baby goats camouflaged into the rocks below. Trying to protect them from this strange and mysterious man with a flashing thing in its hands. She was risking her life looking down the edge to me simultaneously trying to reach her children, with her helpless motherly voice. They were running around struck with fear, while I captured all of this for us humans to see. Pictures say a thousand words, but they do not always tell the story of what really happened.

| Impermanence | Then it’s wet and then it’s dry and then it’s wet again, such is the way, nature is always changing, just like our bodies and minds. Imagine a world which is constant and fixed? How boring it would be. Love Life and Play, rediscover your inner child, reconnect with nature, be one again, because you never know when it’s our last day, enjoy every moment and live to the fullest, be a child in the moment with no future and no past, just be, you never know when the body dries to dust, because everything is impermanent! 🙂 ENJOY RIGHT NOW!

| Machine Bird |

| Path to Light |

Hello thank you for visiting my personal nature photography and art gallery! All my life I have been interested in the “electrifying play” of nature’s art and being mesmerized by the immense, unexplainable, wordless and endless beauty of it! But I never got the chance to show my point of view to family and friends when I walk into nature and thus now for the first time I tried to explain a very small portion in more detail with poetic words and pictures on this personal blog, about what actually is beyond words and pictures, just to share the beauty which surrounds us all the time everywhere, but we are too busy in our minds and daily routines to see.

We truly are conscious stardust created out of elements, we are nature and art itself, nature is art, we do not create art, art is already created. We are just capturing a part of ourselves in this vast electric play of nature, which is actually an illusion where we seem to be separate from the rest, separate from nature and our surroundings. But in reality everything is just one, a whole, including us and nature, we are nature, not part of nature, but we are nature, we are merely an observer of nature within our own minds and connected to the outer world, through our senses, but they go together, the senses are part of nature and nature is part of the senses, we created the world with our perceptions and thoughts of conditioning. And when the outer world and inner world connect through the senses and thoughts, thus we experience, all kinds of emotions, thoughts and feelings, good and bad.

By being too busy in the mind, we can only see what is inside, the storm of thoughts, and thus are blinded by our thoughts and emotions, and worry about little things which seem huge, so we cannot see the beauty of nature in every moment anymore, but most children still see when they are young enough, because their minds are still pure and not poisoned by words and the illusion of yesterday and tomorrow which are thought by society in schools and at home. Taking time out from the thinking mind is very important, the most important thing I have ever learned through mindfulness meditation, just by quieting the mind, instead of taking in too much knowledge, but letting go of all thoughts, words and knowledge, and just being in the moment with a quiet peaceful mind, not putting labels or judgements on anything in the broadest sense.

Everybody has a different point of view and so has nature, thus we are nature, that is why I called it the “electrifying play of nature’s art”. But these are just words, superficial understanding, true experience is something much deeper, which only one has to go through for one self to understand and experience. So I would totally understand if you do not agree with anything written on this blog, it’s impossible to understand with only words. How can I explain something which has no words? Imagine me telling you an orange tastes good, but you never tried one before in your entire life. I can write a whole book about the taste with its chemistry properties, but you will never understand until you take a bite for yourself.

Imagine our electric molecule’s as a body and mind through our senses connecting with the electric molecules of our surroundings, all is one, nothing is separate, and all changes all the time, it’s just a play, a dance of molecules and opinions floating upon each other, but when thoughts stop, everything becomes clear, that’s wisdom. Nature truly is art and it’s the mysterious beautiful! All is just nature. But this is impossible to see when the mind is busy. So be still, be calm, train the mind to stop thinking, and so a whole new world opens up which was actually always there right in front of our eyes.

Call it God, or call it whatever you want in whatever language you like, these are just merely labels and thoughts which different societies and cultures have put upon us since birth throughout conditioning with words and countless interpretations, but true deep and silent experience has no words. Wisdom is not knowledge. This is bliss, this is or this is not, whatever it is, it’s so lovely and it’s everywhere, every moment in each moment of everything …….. I hope this was worth sharing and if not, then it’s also good, just love life, be kind and compassionate, don’t be too serious, don’t think too much, that’s the only thing I was trying to say, hope your eyes don’t hurt too much reading all of this, don’t worry that too is impermanent and soon will pass, now you may rest in peace while alive haha 🙂

Thank you for reading! Appreciate it very much.