What ePlay does for your safety and success

What ePlay does for your safety and success

Clement (CEO at ePlay)
Clement (CEO at ePlay)

Hi friends,

I'm Clem, CEO of ePlay. I wanted to share with you some insights on ePlay’s core values and how it was built to stand for what we truly believe makes a community flourish.

The team and I have strong core values that we defend, and we believe in holding everyone accountable in order to keep you safe. It is our opinion that ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS, so let's take a look at the type of actions ePlay takes in order to create a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Our ultimate goal with ePlay is to build a strong and positive community that is Exciting, Easy and Empowering.

Spoiler Alert, it's a long post, grab some 🍿.

Equal opportunities to succeed

  • Race Equality -  Our search terms do not offer a filter for "race" like most platforms do. We focus on what makes you unique, which we believe is your personality, your interests, and your epic content.
  • No Measurements - ePlay is all about you, who you are, what you do. You have the freedom to share what you want, when you want, with your audience. We do not require anyone to submit measurements and/or physical attributes in order to create their channel or profile.
  • Spreading Web Traffic To Everyone - Our search engine is based on user preferences, performance, stream quality, and engagement. This means you can thrive no matter the size of your current fanbase!  Everyone has a fair opportunity to grow their audience using our current user base.
  • Game-Based Search - We focused our algorithm to be around fun games (not video games), so Creators and Fans unite with a common interest. We stand strongly against objectifying individuals and categorizing people within pre-defined terms, roles, and categories that feel restrictive. You set the game, create your own menu, and you choose the rewards for your fans.
  • Inclusivity - ePlay is for everyone, which means discrimination has no place here. The way we structured our Sign Up Process, Onboarding, and User Profile is reflective of our stance. Our onboarding process focuses on your personal business goals and your ideal streaming experience. Everyone at ePlay is here to help you thrive. Your profile lets you introduce yourself, share your interests, your pets, and shines the light on what matters most to You!
  • Be who you are or who you want to be - In terms of “Types of Content”, the sky's the limit for you at ePlay (as long as it's legal!) because we firmly stand behind creative expression and freedom. You are the creator, and our team is here to help fuel your creativity in any way we can!
  • Welcoming Sex Workers - we believe that sex work is work. ePlay has been a strong advocate for many years to defend Creators from all backgrounds. We don't let pressure from banks and regulators impact you and we do everything in our power to properly secure your content, your fans, and your income.

Easy to understand

  • Easy Guidelines - We have built tutorials for our Community Guidelines as well as our Content Guidelines that all Creators and Fans can access at any time. We believe that less is more, and have made this information easy to consume. I invite you to check them out and tell us what you think. We love feedback, it’s how we all continue to succeed.
ePlay Content Guidelines | ePlay Academy
The safety of our creators, viewers, and partners is our highest priority. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and empowering community.It’s important you understand our Community Guidelines, and the role they play in our shared responsibility to keep ePlay safe. Take the time to c…
Content Guidelines
ePlay Community Guidelines | ePlay Academy
The safety of our creators and users is our highest priority. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and vibrant community.It’s important you understand our Community Guidelines, and the role they play in our shared responsibility to keep ePlay safe. Take the time to carefully underst…
Community Guidelines
  • Easy To Use - You don't need to be a tech expert to stream or to use ePlay. Everything has been designed and built to be used across all devices and by anyone. Our Product team is always coming up with creative solutions to give everyone on ePlay the best user experience possible.


  • Admitting our mistakes - We’re all only human here, and we believe that the best way to grow and maintain the trust of everyone on ePlay is through transparency. When things happen – good or bad – we promise to abide by this and disclose any updates with you all.
  • More on Transparency… - We also believe that you are entitled to know how ePlay runs. We offer full visibility to anyone on our billing practices, our moderation processes, and our overall technology. We will keep on sharing as the updates come, so stay tuned!
  • Feedback - At ePlay, everyone has a voice! We listen and encourage all creators, fans, and our teammates to share ideas with us so that we can improve and work on what you care the most about.
  • Easy to reach - We maintain live chat, WhatsApp, and SMS communication lines, so you can get in touch with us easily and at any time. We're right here next to you to help you, and to assist you as fast as we can.

Empowering you to succeed

  • You own your channel - We believe you own your audience and your channel is yours to express yourself as you please within our Content & Community Guidelines. Our goal as a platform is to build all the tools you need so you can succeed throughout your content creation process. We do not hold anything back and proudly offer you access to all performance analytics as well as exclusive ways to connect with your Fans and Sub Club members.
  • Control of your chatroom - You’re in control at all times. That means, you can update your channel mode and select who is able to chat within your chatroom whenever you need. You can restrict interactions by Fan Level, Buyers-Only (and soon for Your Subs!).
  • Your Safety Matters - You are able to mute and ban any user via a single tap or a chat command. Need additional assistance from our team? We are just a chat away.
  • Highest Revenue Share - Work hard, play hard. We pay you 80% revshare + 10% for all referrals, because you deserve it. You are doing the hard work so you should earn the most. ePlay's percentage entirely covers our billing fees, staff, and servers. By helping you earn more than any platform in the space. We believe we empower You to succeed while building a long-term thriving business with ePlay as your partner.
  • No Deductions - We don't deduct any refund and/or chargebacks from the tokens you have earned. At ePlay, we take user fraud very seriously and commit to protecting you from any user fraud.

Strong core you can rely on

  • Strong Banking Relationships - Although there’s pressure around banking institutions and credit cards when it comes to the Sex Workers’ Industry and payment fulfillment,  the important thing for you to know is that ePlay will always pay on time. We will work through any obstacle that stands in the way of us fulfilling our promise to take care of you. Our creators are our number one priority, and on top of having extensive relationships with multiple merchant accounts for 10+ years, we also maintain very close relationships with our partnered banks to ensure we are complying with all legalities behind payment processing. Although sometimes these institutions make it difficult for our industry, we don't back down and always come up with the best way for everyone involved to receive their payments.
  • More on our Established Payments History - I personally started working with creators and affiliates in 1999, and I paid more than $600 million since then. I believe to be only as good as my actions, and I firmly stand behind what I say and do. This means that I’ve committed to paying for everything I owe (and more!!). Even when ibill and epassporte went down, I made sure all of our creators were paid, even when it meant paying everyone out of pocket. After all, my top concern was and has always been to make sure our partners were not impacted. I understand that most people rely on their ePlay revenue stream as their primary source of income, and I will always go above and beyond to make sure you get your paycheck.
  • Strong Technology - We built ePlay so it can withstand an incredible amount of fans, chat messages, content, and live streams. On top of this, we’ve built redundant systems so in case one fails, there is always a backup that's ready so that your experience remains uninterrupted.
  • Strong experienced team - Everyone on the ePlay Team has one thing in common: they are extremely dedicated. They design, code, work, and focus with you in mind. We have worked extremely hard (and continue to do so) to bring a very talented team of individuals together that not only excel in their areas of expertise but do so while working toward making ePlay the best place for all its user base.


  • Even FUN Needs Rules - The safety of our creators and fans is our highest priority. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and empowering community.
  • What You Can Do - First and foremost, HAVE FUN! ePlay was made to bring creative individuals, like you, and fans together while allowing you to thrive knowing that you’re part of an empowering community that cares. You and your content will always be safe, and we want to see you truly flourish.  ePlay allows your creativity to go uncensored (compared to most platforms) but there are simple Content Guidelines that you need to abide by.
  • Adult-Only Community - Every creator on our platform has been ID-verified, and all content posted is matched against it, ensuring that any content posted is legal and safe.
  • Taking Actions - We take action and moderate any content that goes on the platform before it goes public.

Thank you for taking the time to read about ePlay. There’s so much more I could talk about because ePlay is more than just a product to me and I can see firsthand how it changes our creators’ lives for the best. I'm dedicated to working day and night in order to keep everyone safe and help you all succeed. This is what we're doing as of now but we have a lot coming out in 2022 to do even more! I'm also transparent and open-minded, which means I love all of your feedback & questions. You can always reach out to me at clem@eplay.com, I read every single email!

Love you all ❤️
-Clem, CEO @ ePlay