ePlay Academy: Pro Tips to Help You LevelUp Your ePlay Channel
ePlay Academy

ePlay Academy: Pro Tips to Help You LevelUp Your ePlay Channel


Welcome to the official launch and the first week of the ePlay Academy - "LevelUp with ePlay" series. With summer now over, you've got 4 solid months to round out your 2021 and we are here to help you do it. Get ready to dive into ePlay’s hottest features and pro-tips that will help guide you through the process.

The first step, read this 2-minute article.

Whether you're just getting started as a streamer, thinking about getting started, or you have hit a creative block, the ePlay family is coming together to help share proven tips and tricks with you on how you can easily LevelUp your ePlay Channel, including your live streams and content!

Set Up Your ePlay Games!

First things first, making sure you have set up your ePlay Games properly is one of the best ways to help LevelUp your live streams and continue to monetize your ePlay Channel Content. It’s also one of the easiest ways to earn revenue while you stream to your fans.

💰 ePlay Channel Tip Menu

Have a tip menu ready to go for the live show you’re hosting is the best way to interact with your fans and easily receive tips while live streaming on your ePlay Channel.

Setting up easy to understand tip menu items that build your show from start to finish will create a fun way for your fans to interact with you and even better a way for you to keep the show going strong! We’ve also made it even easier for you  to add tip menu items during your show based off requests that come in from your fans.  
- Heather K., Marketing Director, ePlay

Click HERE to see how easy it is to set up your tip menu.

📈 ePlay Channel Goal Menu

That's how you set long-term goals for you and your users. Typically, these are showstopping acts that you want to build toward! Fans LOVE helping get you to your goals, give them a reason to support you and your live show.

I highly recommend that you verbally encourage your fans to use the tip menu during your show, since it adds tokens to your show goals! The more your fans collectively tip during the show, the quicker they will be able to enjoy the end goal.  
- Heather K., Marketing Director, ePlay

💌 Private Messaging

Ready to LevelUp your connections with your Fans? Users can not send you Private Messages unless they have purchased a pack, which means, you are paid for each message you receive, and those are paid to your channel right away (even if the messages are not consumed by the Fan yet).

During your live stream, be sure to tell your awesome fans that they can personally connect with you and request custom content using the Private Messaging feature within your ePlay Channel. The more they use Private Messaging, the more you’ll be able to connect with them.
- Heather K., Marketing Director, ePlay

Click HERE to learn how to monetize your Private Messages.

🎫 VIP Tickets

This is for special events and VIP shows that you can host live directly on your ePlay Channel. This is a fun and easy way to create a more personal connection with your fans. Once you have your VIP Tickets sold, your show starts. Only those who purchase the special VIP Ticket will be allowed to enter.

Create the buzz! Be sure to post about your VIP Shows on social media, in order to create buzz and to invite tofans to join.
- Heather K, Marketing Director, ePlay

Click HERE to set up your next VIP Show!

Here are a few other ways our KeyClub Members LevelUp their live shows on ePlay!

“I love experimenting with new camera angles and different games to keep my stream fresh and fun!”
- Alana Evans
“Viewer interaction is so important! I know it’s hard to engage sometimes when no one is chatting. For me, I like to smile and be friendly with everyone who enters. Welcome them by saying their names and thank them for hanging out and tipping, which makes the show more exciting. Fake it till you make it! With ePlay being a newer site and building it's audience, you have to really engage and make a connection.  
- RubyLynne & Rex
“Stay off your phone. When somebody comes in the room or sends a message and your attention is elsewhere, they'll be gone before you get to respond. People want connection, be ready to give it to them.”
- MyPerfectHarem

Follow along weekly this month as we share even more ways for you to LevelUp with ePlay!  Plus, we have a special giveaway happening too, stay tuned for more information coming soon.

💪 Let's grow together!

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