VIP Ticket Game: Why you need to use it now!
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VIP Ticket Game: Why you need to use it now!

Clement (CEO at ePlay)
Clement (CEO at ePlay)

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ePlay is proud to introduce our latest game: the VIP Ticket Game

🤔 What Does It Do?

The VIP Ticket Game lets you sell tickets to a show or performance. When you start your show only ticket holders are able to view your live stream and chat!

💪 You're In Control!

You can set your own ticket price! You can also choose when you turn off the chat (either when the ticket sale starts, or when the show starts) easily via chat commands or using the buttons on the dashboard.

⚙️ How Do I Use It?


  1. Go to your Streaming Dashboard:
  2. Go LIVE
  3. Navigate to your GAMES
  4. Switch ON the VIP Ticket Game
  5. Add your Settings
  6. START the Ticket Sales

Once your goal is reached, or the countdown is done or whenver you'd like, you can START your VIP show in 2 ways:

  • Click Start VIP Show at the bottom of the dashboard
  • Type the chat command: /startshow

To STOP your show, you also have 2 options:

  • Click Stop VIP show at the bottom of the dashboard
  • Type the chat command: /stopshow

⭐ VIP Experience

As soon as you start the VIP game, your chatroom transforms into a unique VIP experience for you and your viewers with an exciting GOLD theme!

  • GOLD status bar
  • GOLD tip button
  • GOLD buttons
  • GOLD badge
  • GOLD notifications

😃 Keep It Fun!

  • Set a Goal: Set a goal of let's say "1,000 tokens" so your viewers tip toward your goal, and when the token goal is reached, you can start your show!
  • Set a Countdown: Set a timer to start your show in 30 mins or 1h. Your viewers will see a countdown in your chatroom.
  • Set a Time: Enter the time when you'd like to start the show, and your viewers will see a countdown as well in your chat.

or just decide to start the show whenever you want!

Need help setting it up or have any questions?
Chat with us! ePlay's support team is a click away, hey, it's even on this page!