Streamer's Safety And Well Being Come First On ePlay
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Streamer's Safety And Well Being Come First On ePlay


Your safety and well-being while on ePlay are of high priority for the ePlay Team. We listened to all your feedback and what you needed from ePlay to be in total control of your chat and your ePlay channel... now you and your mods can give timeouts, ban, and block any user that enters your chat!

The flyover has been redesigned at the same time to make it easier to use on mobile and any other platform.

How Does It All Work?

Sometimes you just need a break from particular fans, sometimes you need to ban them forever, whatever the case might be - you are in control of who is able to chat with you.

TIMEOUT: time is a temporary time out that can be set for 10m, 30m, 1h time spans.

BAN FOREVER: this is a shadowban, user can still tip.

BLOCK FOREVER: this blocks a fan/user from seeing your channel, chatroom, and anything you do or post! When a user is blocked, he can not tip you anymore as well.

How Do I Manage Bans & Blocks?

You can manage all your previous bans and blocks from your Chat Admin at > Channel > Chat Admin if you wish to unban or unblock someone at any time.

Your mods are now also able to use the upgraded flyover that you get when tapping or clicking on a user avatar in chat, to moderate your channel. They have access to the timeout, ban, and block options.

Check out our incredible Streamer FAQ site for additional information on “How do I mute, ban, or block users from my ePlay stream?”

Other Ways That ePlay Is Helping To Put You In Total Control