Streamers Enjoy New Lovense Upgrades
Features & Updates

Streamers Enjoy New Lovense Upgrades


Lovense toys are tremendously popular among streamers on ePlay and the fans that interact with them, due to their interactive and tip-activated features. Since so many streamers are using Lovense toys, we have pushed a new update to provide stronger and easier Lovense integration for your live streams. It is now easier than ever to connect your toy!

Newest Lovense Updates on ePlay

  • Most accurate level-syncing available
  • Faster and more reliable vibrations
  • Manage multiple toys at once
  • Faster setup

“Anything to make Lovense play easy and fun is a win!” - Alex Meadows

🧑‍💻 Why Connect Your Lovense Toy

There are many reasons why streamers & content creators on ePlay use Lovense toys during their live streams. Some want to give their fans full control over how the show will go on while others want to be able to encourage their fans to play games while tipping to make their toys vibrate for them. No one reason is better than the other, but both definitely allow you the creator to monetize your live stream while connecting and enjoying fan interaction.

How many toys can I set up for broadcasting?

According to the Lovense website, you can set up an unlimited number of toys for broadcasting (please note that Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter supports up to 5 simultaneous connections).