ePlay Academy: Selecting Content That Is Safe To Share On Social Media
ePlay Academy

ePlay Academy: Selecting Content That Is Safe To Share On Social Media


Welcome to the ePlay Academy! This 2-minute read is going to help you figure out what type of content to share on social media, without getting banned and ultimately kicked off platforms that aren’t 100% adult-friendly.

What is the ePlay Academy and how can I “LevelUp with ePlay”?

We are helping Streamers and Content Creators like you, level up their live streams, content, social media, and so much more on a weekly basis. If you missed our first week, don’t worry, it’s still up on the blog and ready for you to dive into.

With summer now over, you've got 4 solid months to round out 2021 and we are here to help you do it. Get ready to dive into ePlay’s hottest features and pro-tips that will help guide you through the process.

Is It Safe To Post on Social Media?

It’s relatively safe to say that most Social Media platforms haven't really made it easy for sex workers or anyone in the adult industry to share and promote their businesses to the public. With that said, we firmly believe that if you’re on a platform that has guidelines and rules, you should follow them to the best of your ability if you’re wanting to use their services. That doesn’t mean you have to 100% agree with the rules, it just means that you do your best to follow them while still maintaining true to your brand.

This week we are focusing our efforts on finding ways that you can share the amazing content that your fans are eager to see on social media platforms that aren’t 100% adult-friendly, without getting banned and removed from social media platforms.

What Type of Content is Safe To Share on Social Media?

Here at ePlay, we keep all of our social media posts SFW (Safe For Work) and we do our best to respect the guidelines set forth by other platforms.

“Don’t give away the entire pie on platforms where you can’t monetize your content. Give them a few tasty bites and they will start begging for the entire pie!” - Heather K., Director of Marketing, ePlay

We start by making sure that we aren’t sharing the “entire pie” on social media. If you’re giving everything away for free on social media, that means your fans have zero incentive to want to make a further personal connection with you and ultimately they have no need to watch your live streams, request custom content, and/or purchase your epic curated content!

Tease them. Don't get click-bait-y (lol new word!), but give them something to look forward to and something that they want to see. - MyPerfectHarem

How to give a few tasty bites on social media and not the entire pie!

That epic full video content you have curated can be turned into tasty bites and shared on social media. Instead of sharing the entire video for free, just grab a quick 30-second clip from the video. Clips that do well are ones where you’re looking at the camera, sharing something personal, or one that directs them to see more.

ePlay ProTip: Be sure you’re not giving away the “money shot” on social media. You want to entice your fans while giving them a taste of who you are and what you can provide to them. We will go over how to make a personal connection with your fans and audience next week, so stay tuned!

My fans love seeing clips of me play video games in the heat of the moment! I also love making seductive tease clips to lure them to my page!” -Alana Evans

Did you know that you can actually MONETIZE your content on ePlay?

That’s right, in fact, ePlay has created several ways for you to actually monetize your content easily from within your ePlay Channel dashboard.

The ePlay Content Manager allows you to have:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for all your content.
  • The freedom to monetize and select how much you earn on each uploaded video and photo.
  • Content that you set as “free” so that all users on the site can get to know you!
  • Control over who sees what content on your channel.

ePlay ProTip: Upload new video and photo content to your ePlay Channel.  Then drop a teaser video (remember nothing more than 30 seconds) or SFW photo (Safe For Work) onto other platforms. Your caption should include a CTA (Call to Action) that tells your fans there is more to see if they check out your ePlay Channel. This will create an incentive for them to click your ePlay Channel link!

Click HERE to learn how to start monetizing your content on ePlay!

Sharing is Caring

We absolutely love to re-share content that ePlay Community Streamers and Content Creators make. Be sure you’re following ePlay and tagging us on the platforms you’re using.  We will do our best to re-share your content (as long as it’s SFW).

Instagram reposts by ePlay have definitely made a big difference for us! We have noticed an increase in new fans since we started tagging ePlay in our social posts.  We also like to post "teasers" to see if more tune in. - RubyLynne & Rex

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