🤑  Receive TIPS when you’re offline.
ePlay Academy

🤑 Receive TIPS when you’re offline.


Grow Your Revenue When You’re Offline

Your LIVE ePlay chatroom, channel, and content posts have an easy-to-find TIP button that Fans can use anytime you’re online... but now, also when you’re not... (AKA, make money while you sleep)!

Why Is It Important To Be Able To Collect Tips While Offline?

Reason 1

We want you to be able to build revenue even when you’re offline! By having larger tips show up on your feed, you’re able to use your feed to encourage tips around the clock.

Reason 2

It’s a great way to drive engagement to your channel. An active feed will draw more eyes to everything you do on your ePlay Channel!

Reason 3

It allows for fans to be flexible, too. If they don’t want to be noticed that way, they can delete the post announcing their token donation! You’ll still have a record of it when you access your ePlay Channel Dashboard.

Special post for the BIG tippers!

If a Fan sends a tip of more than 100 tokens, it will automatically create an e-card post to show off their BIG tip.

Celebrated Tips!

An e-card announcing their tip will be posted on your profile feed for other users to see, and fans are also able to delete the post later on if they wanted to.