Picking Your ePlay Earnings Strategy
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Picking Your ePlay Earnings Strategy


As you know, in life things are rarely “one size fits all” and that’s especially true in business. Depending on your goals and mindset, you're likely to have different needs when it comes to thinking about your business. Here at ePlay, you have the opportunity to decide how you want to run your business in a way that makes the most sense for you - now you have the opportunity to decide how you want to run your business and earn income in the way that makes most sense for you.

ePlay offers 2 types of earning plans so you can decide which pricing strategy is best for you. Both of them being the HIGHEST in the industry.

The Flat Plan: $0.07 per token

You earn a specific "flat" amount of money for every token you receive, and it's always the same for every token.

The Percent Plan: 80% revshare

You earn a specific percentage of what the customer spends on the tokens you receive.

On top of that, ePlay offers different payment amounts for each plan above based on how you choose to use ePlay. Your options are:

Quality Streaming

you focus on the highest quality interaction with your fans, and prefer to only broadcast on one site at a time. Under this plan, you'd be streaming with ePlay exclusively!

Quantity Streaming

you like streaming for a variety of audiences on multiple platforms, and you're willing to sacrifice some streaming and attention for more potential viewers. This means you're on a wide variety of streaming platforms every day!

Note that streaming on multiple sites at the same time (ePlay + other live streaming sites) is accepted and you will earn the most than any sites!

A Quick Side Note: How money flows on ePlay.

Whenever your fans tip you or purchase anything from you on ePlay, they do that by sending you tokens. This makes it easy for everyone because it removes the problems of having to think about different currencies, they are more fun to play with, and your fans are likely comfortable using them as they have on other websites.

To get tokens, your fans buy them in packs, and in general - the more tokens they buy, the better prices they get (we often give them some small discounts to entice them to buy more!). So that means that each of your fans may be spending a slightly different amount on the tokens they have.  For example, it’s possible that they could buy a lot of tokens at a discounted price of $0.09/token, while others might be buying fewer tokens at $0.10/token.

The Benefits and Considerations of the Percent Plan

At ePlay, streamers on the Percent Plan always get 80% of what their fans spent on the tokens they receive. This is great because it means that regardless of the price your fans pay per token (since some get discounts on bigger packs), you always know that you’re getting an industry-leading payout of 80% of spending. So if your fan spends $100 on tokens that they give you, you’ll get $80 every time. If they spent $119, you’ll get $95.20. Simple.

This is great if you feel best knowing that you’re getting the highest possible earnings percentage everytime. Keep in mind that it also means that you could hypothetically earn $20 selling something to one fan for 250 tokens, and $21 selling that same thing to a different fan for 250 tokens - it’s based on how much each fan spent on the tokens required to buy that item.

The Benefits and Considerations of the Flat Plan

At ePlay, streamers on the Flat Plan always get $0.07 per token they receive. This is fantastic (not only because it’s way more than the competition), but also because it’s easy to know that you’ll always earn the same amount per token regardless of any discounts your fans may receive from buying in bulk.

So if your fan tips you 100 tokens, you know that your earnings will be $7 every time. This has the added benefit of being easy to transfer your fans from other sites. If they are used to buying something for 200 tokens elsewhere ($10 for you), you can sell the same thing for 200 tokens at ePlay and get $14. That’s $4 extra in your pocket for no extra work!

This plan is best if you want to know exactly what you’ll earn from all of your content sold and performances at ePlay. It keeps things very clean and simple. Another way to think of it is that if your fan spent $0.09 on the token they sent you, your earnings of $0.07 equates to 78% of their spending.

Multi-Streaming with ePlay

As we mentioned above, streamers on ePlay can choose between earning 80% of fan spending or $0.07 per token received. This pricing does not apply to Studios however.

Happy streaming!