ePlay Updates & New Features
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ePlay Updates & New Features


At ePlay, we strive to make our platform easy, exciting, and empowering for all streamers, content creators, and fans to use. We are looking forward to making improvements on the overall ease of use and functionality of ePlay this year as we continue to gather feedback from the community.

Below is a quick list of updates and new features on ePlay that we wanted to share with you. Stay tuned for helpful step-by-step FAQ's as well as additional articles that will provide you with pro tips aimed at guiding you towards a leveled-up experience on ePlay.

🖥️  2 New Site Sections

🏡 User Feed
Users can easily browse through the latest content you posted in their User Feed (when they follow you)

Users can now browse trending free posts in the Discover section.

PRO TIP: Posting more frequently on ePlay will now increase your exposure to more viewers (and gain you more followers & tips! 🤑). Use our scheduling tool to easily plan out your future posts and boost your chances of appearing on the Discover feed!

💬  Speed Tipping Chat Notification: Speed Tipping is now easily accessible within chat notifications! This will increase user participation and promote engagement from other users to tip.

🧭  Better Website Navigation: We enhanced our site nav’s mobile experience. This update highlights the new sections mentioned above + Private Message inbox, making it easier for your fans to get to your channel and easier for Streamers to access the my.ePlay admin page or chat with our kickass support team 🥳

⚡  Low-Latency Stream For Your Subs: When you stream via the ePlay Dashboard, your subs will have access to activate “Low Latency” on your stream, making their viewing experience as close to “real-time” and reducing any delay possible! This feature will enhance your viewers’ experience when interacting with you, making it feel like you’re in the same room as them 😙

🔗  New Onboarding Experience For Streamers: Get your new link at http://my.eplay.com > Refer Streamers (don’t worry your old link is working!) and make $250 for each streamer you refer to ePlay. New streamers can create a channel much easier now, helping them streamline the process of earning money on ePlay!

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