May 4th ePlay Updates
Features & Updates

May 4th ePlay Updates


At ePlay, we strive to make our platform easy, exciting, and empowering for all streamers, content creators, and fans to use. We are looking forward to making improvements on the overall ease of use and functionality of ePlay this year as we continue to gather feedback from the community.

Below is a quick list of updates and new features on ePlay that we wanted to share with you. Stay tuned for helpful step-by-step FAQ's as well as additional articles that will provide you with ProTips aimed at guiding you towards a leveled-up experience on ePlay.

🪄 Upgraded Flyover Interface

The Flyover Menu found under each user’s avatar (in the chatroom) has been upgraded!

You can easily access

  • MOD with the blue Shield icon 🦋
  • Private Message the user with the green Chat icon 💚
  • Plus, access your notes for that user with the pink Notes icon 🌸

🧹 Delete Unwanted Comments From Your Post

Easily handle the comment section within youe ePlay Channel posts. If you ever receive an unwanted comment, you can easily delete it! Just look for the “...” button on the right-hand corner of any comment left on your post to access the “Delete” button!