ePlay Updates & New Features
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ePlay Updates & New Features


At ePlay, we strive to make our platform easy, exciting, and empowering for all streamers, content creators, and fans to use. We are looking forward to making improvements on the overall ease of use and functionality of ePlay this year as we continue to gather feedback from the community.

Below is a quick list of updates and new features on ePlay that we wanted to share with you. Stay tuned for helpful step-by-step FAQ's as well as additional articles that will provide you with pro tips aimed at guiding you towards a leveled-up experience on ePlay.

😘  Easily type emotes with autocomplete, just start to search through emotes using :  

example :smi to pull up all the smile 🙂 emote

🖥  Your post pictures open in a slick fullscreen view! swipe left/right on mobile and they can also zoom in/out!

🚫  Blocked users can't see your live chatroom or any pages of your channel instantly! Learn more here on how to easily block any user!

👉  Your users can easily share your posts with a new share icon on all of your posts and videos/photos!

✅  See your user's level and badges in your PM conversations! We also added simple page navigation (previous/next) to sweep through your PM convos in a breeze! PMs have also been made much faster (to send/receive messages, load conversations!).

🪲 We also fixed a lot of reported bugs.

  • Posts that were stuck in ok mode but couldn't be published.
  • Uploads have been fixed for long videos, big picture files!
  • Users can also still see your stream if they navigate away from your chatroom (though any ePlay pages and your channel pages!)