How to Repurpose Your Content on ePlay & Social Media

How to Repurpose Your Content on ePlay & Social Media


In this quick 4 minute blog, you'll learn the importance of repurposing your content on ePlay, social media, and even other platforms.

I highly recommend not using the exact same content on your ePlay Channel as you do on your Twitter and Instagram accounts.  After all, your Fans and SubClub subscribers on ePlay pay for your content (unless you have set your post to free, more about this later).

In the past, I have shared ways that you can "Easily Share Your ePlay Posts" anywhere. However, I wanted to take a quick minute to deep dive into repurposing your content on ePlay, through the use of social media since there was a lot of buzz about this topic at XBIZ Miami this year, specifically during a panel that I was on that covered sharing your content on social media and within other spaces on the internet.

🥧 Don't Give The Entire Pie Away For Free

We've all heard the saying "why buy the cow when you're getting the milk for free". Ok, maybe not, that's sort of an older saying.

Around here, we say "Why would they pay for the entire pie, when you're giving them free slices daily?" The point to all of this is, on social media, you want to give away crumbs, NOT the entire Pie! You want to use your Social Media post to funnel followers to your ePlay Channel where they can then purchase the entire PIE from you (aka - your larger pieces of content).

How To Give Away Crumbs On Social Media

While doing completely different content for ePlay than you do for social media and other platforms is a valid strategy, it's also incredibly time-consuming. Wasting time = wasting money, which we don't think is necessary. You can save time by repurposing the same content for multiple platforms.

For example

  • You could create a full-length video and post it on ePlay as PAID or to your SubClub.
  • Then from that full-length video, create a few short SFW teaser versions, and post those onto ePlay for FREE.
    Pro Tip: We suggest that you keep all FREE content under 1-minute as clips and/or GIF's. FREE content can be shared on social media and will show up in the new DISCOVER section of ePlay.
  • Post the short clips and/or GIF's onto your Instagram and/or Twitter accounts.
    Pro Tip: Be sure to add a direct link to your full-length video on ePlay! This is where they can find the entire pie (aka your monetized content).  You can even use our new "SHARE" shortcut once you've posted your content on ePlay. This not only going to save you a TON of time, but it also creates a little FOMO for those that are following you on your free social profiles.  

New ePlay Feature Makes Sharing Even Easier!