ePlay's January Feature Update
Features & Updates

ePlay's January Feature Update


At ePlay, we strive to make our platform easy, exciting and empowering for all streamers, content creators, and fans to use. We are looking forward to making improvements on the overall ease of use and functionality of ePlay this year as we continue to gather feedback from the community.

Below is a quick list of updated and new features we wanted to share with you. Stay tuned for helpful step-by-step FAQ's as well as additional articles that will provide you with pro tips aimed at guiding you towards a leveled-up experience on ePlay.

🔨 New moderation options! You can now give timeouts (of 10m, 30m, 1h) ban forever + block forever. Ban = shadowban, the user can still the feed+chat but no one will see their messages. Block = can't see your stream + chat forever. Thank you so much for your help on this!! We hear you and we're doing this for you!!

✅  MODs can access the mod features via the Flyover also now (by tapping on the user's avatar in chat)

🪀 Lovense Upgrades - Faster to sync toys, levels. Toy status is shared in the chat with disconnect notifications and the Lovense status bar showing when there is an active toy. You can also have the Toy(s) on 1 device, and have the dashboard open on another device. Vibrations are also getting triggered faster and are WAY more reliable!!

💰 Sub Club - You now get a chat notification when someone joins your Sub Club! Set it up today to start earning while you sleep!! :)

🪙 Offline Tips - Your fans can now send you TIPS from any page on your channel via a simple TIP button on top of all of your channel pages!!

Get your QR code - simply go to the Dashboard or My ePlay "share" sections to customize your QR code (avatar, colors, etc) to make it yours and fun!!

🤟 Set your Pronoun - go to your account, and set your Pronoun to let your fans know how you'd like to be addressed!

📝 Edit your live posts and drafts - you can now go back to posts and content you've already published and make edits. From adding or deleting photos/videos /gifs, to editing captions!

🆓 5 minute trial for SOURCE (super HD) stream - Fans can now receive 5 FREE minutes of your highest-quality video streaming!

😂 Quick-react with your favorite Emotes! - Show your favorite Streamer some love by reacting to their content with fun, easier-to-access emotes! When “liking” a Streamers’ post, you can now react to it by clicking on the emotes other fans used (without having to expand the full emote-list).

📡 New “Copy Link” button for all posts available - You can now easily share links to any of your ePlay posts with the “Copy Link” button!