🎮 Come play your favorite games on ePlay
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🎮 Come play your favorite games on ePlay


ePlay is a diverse online community and environment that welcomes all types of Streamers & Content Creators. This includes everyone 18+ who loves to play video games online. Live streams and uploaded content can be either NSWF & SFW. We welcome all types of creators and fans that are 18+ on ePlay!

Want to start streaming your games on ePlay, but you aren't sure if your game is allowed on the platform?

🎉  Well, the good news is, we encourage all types of play and games on ePlay!

The big key here is that the content in these games are fictional. It's not real life, its make beleive, which means we welcome all the things! That means if you love playing 18+ games, you're welcome to play them on your ePlay Channel.

The games that you love may be banned on other platforms such as Twitch, but here at ePlay we encourage you to express yourself the way you feel most comfortable doing so.  

What's Allowed On ePlay

(the short list)

  • Games with fictional depictions of rape.
  • Games with excessive violence.
  • Any and all kinds of dating sims, hentai, or anything else that we might be overlooking!

If you're ever worried about your content surprising your viewers, you can always slap a warning in the title of your stream for the day.

Concerned about voice chat in co-op games? Check out our guide here: Can I stream games with co-op voice chat on ePlay?