5 Easy Posts You Can Schedule & Monetize In Under 1 Hour
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5 Easy Posts You Can Schedule & Monetize In Under 1 Hour


Did you know that most streamers, content creators, and even marketers set aside an hour or two at the beginning of every week to create 5 posts for that week?  With new exciting features designed to make it easy and empowering for you on ePlay, scheduling your posts will be a breeze!

If you’ve got 3.9 minutes to read this article, you’ll see just how easy it is to schedule and monetize your content on ePlay!

You may think to yourself that scheduling posts on ePlay in advance is too time-consuming but it’s worth every second you spend doing it. Just think of all the time you can save each day by not having to scramble to find videos and photos you want to share with your fans on a daily basis. Let us not forget all the positive engagement you’ll have on your ePlay feed when fans see new content posted daily, while you’re focused on other aspects of your business.

ProTip: Scheduling your content in advance allows for better time management and allows you more time to manage other responsibilities you have in your life without leaving your fans wondering when they will see content from you again!

Reach More Fans Even When You’re Not Online

Scheduling your content allows you to reach your fans at the times they're online, even if that time is inconvenient for you. Plus, if you get sick, or are unable to post at a specific time each day scheduling allows you to have an active ePlay feed that your fans can engage with. Here at ePlay, we call this ... making sleep money!

Built Right Into Your ePlay Channel

We have built-in the ability to schedule and monetize all of your posts right into your ePlay Channel. If you need to make changes to your post before or after it’s published, it’s as easy as hitting the edit button!

5 Easy Posts You Can Create & Schedule In Under An Hour!

Below you will find 5 easy and fun post ideas that will help you tease out a new video and a weekend live stream session for all of your ePlay fans to enjoy.

Monday - Post a sneak peek video clip that your fans will love. Keep it under a minute. Use your caption to tease about posting the full video on Wednesday! (this will keep your fans coming back to see what the full video is!)

Tuesday - Post a fun photo/video that shows off one of your favorite assets.

Wednesday - Now is the time to post the full video! Set your token price and remind your fans in the caption that this is a full-length video!

Thursday - Will you be live streaming this weekend? Share a special video or photo that will entice your fans to come and watch your live stream. Be sure to tell them what time you’ll be live!

Friday - Post fun behind-the-scenes videos or photos from the last time you were live on ePlay! Show your fans what they can expect from your weekend live stream!

Saturday - Take a quick selfie while you’re LIVE on ePlay and share it with your fans. Remind them what they are missing!

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