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LATE AT NIGHT WANTING GET HORNY :pleading_face::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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Hello! I'm Sam... I am a very shy but fearless girl, playful (I like to play a lot), I love to spend good quality time with the people I want, doing anything like looking at the sky lying on the floor... I am a woman who is not afraid of anything, I am someone very independent, strong, I love that they make me laugh, I am spoiled, since I get here I began to discover my sexual desires, I explore my body and my sexuality, some fetishes that I had, all this has led me to open my mind in a new way, I love that you tell me your fetishes so that we have fun together and give you a lot of pleasure. Welcome to my room, before starting there are some important things to keep in mind: 1- I will not allow disrespect to my person or to any of my users, if you do this I will be forced to ban you 2- The prices that I have established remain as is, do not ask me to change them 3- I am not a doll that you put to do what you want, as long as you speak to me correctly, we can have a lot of fun 4- I do not visit other cams while I broadcast (unless you have contributed or we are in private) 5- If you are looking for actresses for your porn movies, you are in the wrong place 6- If you have any questions about me, you can ask me with complete confidence, just remember that I will not give any personal information 7- If you do not have coins, you can see my show, I have no problem in doing it, but be respectful and silent, DO NOT ASK FOR THINGS AS THIS IS RUDE FOR USERS WHO ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE SHOW. 8- I do not make encounters or have sex with anyone no matter how much they pay 9- I am the one in charge so refrain from demanding something that you have not earned Finally, keep in mind that I am not the WHORE or the BITCH of anyone.

What I Hate

I hate when people are rude and don't say hello

What turns me on

Don't demand what you don't give

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